Show Feeds

Technologically advanced show feeds—the choice of champions.

Halter Power Creep

A highly palatable feed for getting calves started on feed.  Halter Power Creep is high in fiber and non-medicated so it is safe to use as a free choice feed.  Only highly digestible proteins and minerals are used to maximize the digestibility of this product.  It has just the right balance between protein and energy to safely increase the growth rate of calves that are still on their mothers.

Halter Power Fresh

Halter Power Fresh is a high fiber medicated ration that has many uses in the show cattle industry.  It is highly effective at growing heifers and creating that deep full look without making them fat and ruining their potential as mother cows.  It also can be used to decrease the amount of starch calories to show steers or bulls while keeping a full fresh appearance.  The inclusion of multiple buffers and digestive aids make this a very safe feed to use for cattle just starting out on feed, returning to feed, or cattle that are being pushed for high rates of gain.

Halter Power Grower

Halter Power Grower is designed for show cattle that are in the 600 to 1000 pound range.  It has highly digestible protein sources using both rumen degradable and bypass sources for maximum efficiency.  It is medicated and has digestive aids as well, to increase feed utilization.

Halter Power Finisher

When it is time to put that nice soft finish on show cattle nothing comes close to Halter Power Finisher.  With added fat levels and decreased protein this product that cattle love to eat will put a very nice cover on cattle.  Cattle can be pushed hard on this product because of the multiple forms of buffer, medication, and digestive aids.

Lamb Creep

For baby lambs, just starting out on feed Lamb Creep is just the right feed.  It is a highly palatable, medicated feed that comes in a small soft pellet to enhance eating and decrease the likelihood of sorting.  Using highly digestible protein sources the amino acid profile of this product is ideal for getting lambs growing quickly.

Lamb Flex

Designed to be fed to show lambs from growing to finishing.  This textured feed is the foundation for feeding winners in the show ring.  Featuring digestive aids, ammonium chloride (to prevent urinary calculi), medication, a balance of protein and energy, optimum levels of vitamins and minerals,  Lamb Flex is the feed of choice for many show winners throughout the intermountain area each year.

Vitaferm Products  

We are a distributor of the ever popular Vitaferm products including Sure Champ.  For more information on these products please visit the website